Lubrication & Pumping Solutions


Our comprehensive range of lubrication and pumping solutions encompasses the full range of Lincoln equipment and systems, as well as Pressol.

Every machine or system has moving parts, motion causes friction which leads to wear. With Terranova Developments supplied Lincoln lubrication systems, lubrication equipment and components, wear is reduced and the value of your machinery is upheld. Our systems help avoid expensive downtime related to inadequate lubrication and have proved to be a cost saver to our clients in the field.


Innovative since 1910, Lincoln has always been a leader in lubrication systems and equipment.

Our comprehensive range of products and systems cover:

  • Centralised, automated or manual lubrication systems for mining, construction, commercial vehicles, agriculture, marine, processing plants and industrial sectors
  • Spray lubrication systems for open gears
  • Oil circulation systems
  • Transfer pumps and material dispensing pumps
  • General lubrication equipment
  • Grease fittings & accessories
  • Complete pump-to-press ink systems